we’ll help you navigate the everchanging world of social media to help you reach your target audience

“By giving people the power to share, we’re making the world more transparent.”
– Mark Zuckerberg

Every minute of the day there are:

  • 510,000 Facebook comments made
  • 3.47m YouTube videos watched
  • US$283,000 spent online shopping on Amazon
  • 350,000 tweets sent
  • 4.2-million Google Searches
  • 210,000 emails sent
    (source: SmartInsights, 2021)

Social media combined with a strategic approach is an effective marketing tool.

you need a plan

How will your customers connect and do business with you? Is there an incentive for them to provide contact information? You need all the leads you can get. Offer something desirable of inherent value and give it away for free – a competition, a prize draw, a discount.

What’s special about your offer, and will it get you a sale? Maybe it’s point of difference is being sold online first, is a special offer, or a unique product.


be direct

The language of social media is an immediate one. If you want people to visit your website you need to tell them to do it in plain, succinct words. Be bold, be fresh, be new, be clear to get people purchase, opt-in, comment, or share. Give them timeframes, offer them perks. They need incentives to take immediate action. Make them feel part of something. Own it!


will they recognise your brand?

Your brand is important, so are sales. Crafting valuable content to create increased interest and a need for your product or service will pay off. Yes, you want thousands of followers, yes you want them feeling like they are part of something big and wonderful, yes you want them commenting and sharing, and ultimately you want them buying.


how did you do?

Are you selling? Are you reaching people? Who is following you? Let’s track it! We use the tracking options available in each social media platform: conversion tracking, analytics, and insights.

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