Bring on the muppet show!

Every New Year’s Eve, AUM Productions holds a three day family friendly event on luscious farmland north west of Auckland. And every year they choose a fantastical theme!

2020-21 theme: The Muppets (Mahna-Mahnaum)

The challenge: How best to convey The Muppets, with the famous Mahna-Mahna song representing the theme? As well as:

  • Capturing the essence of this icon of popular culture without breaching copyright?
  • Without looking only like a kids’ show?
  • Looking playful, fun and family friendly, bright and full of sunshine?

The solution: We did it with fur!
And ears.
And eyes too.

The letters are nothing short of spectacular in yellow faux fur! With hand drawn Muppet-inspired eyes and ears no less, along with the AUM gratitude heart, we have created a fun, original and eye-catching brand for the event.

The brief was yellow and white, otherwise it was free rein. The personalities of the characters of the Muppets are captured in the lettering, which is stacked and slightly uneven, creating a playful visual unit.

We have a glorious sky featuring rays of sunshine and dreamlike fluffy clouds for the background, which is purposely cartoon-like, and not too busy, so the lettering can sing. And the lettering can be placed over any background, like in the client’s example here: Facebook event page.

For those not familiar with the festival, we developed a simpler AUM version to be used across all marketing, and as the masthead of the posters.

Now it is in your head, you will be humming the song all day!

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