by Shelley Watson, Creative Director, Sublime Design


miss mixtape dj

I accidentally started to dj. I love music, especially rock, and have been to inumerable concerts in my time, though never aspired to nor ever entertained the idea of being a dj. That seemed as likely to happen as flying to the moon.

It did happen though, albeit very slowly and randomly without any commitment for years, and I love it.

Music with words is my thing. Songs people know and love, many which have a meaningful story of a moment in time. I have played at AUM, Shipwrecked, Kiwiburn, and Ignition festivals, bars and many parties and fundraising events.


DJ bio:

Born from the mosh pits of a legacy of rock concerts and the irreverent Paddock of Kiwiburn, miss mixtape donned her best rock n roll gumboots, sparked up her disco inferno, and brought music with words to festivals, with more sparkle than a mirror ball!


From a wide spectrum of musical influence, she’s been dipping into the 70s, 80s, 90s and the noughties, mastering her craft and developing a unique dance floor style, spinning a fusion of dirty disco and rock classics fused together with sultry house, just like your favourite mixtape from days gone by.


This rock chick will have you shaking your groove thing while you shred that air guitar. After all, rock n roll ain’t noise pollution!


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A huge crowd enjoys the tunes of miss mixtape at Hijinxx camp, Kiwiburn, 2021. photo by Brett Bronze

miss mixtape playing at In Kahoots. photo by Becky Roberts

the crowd goes wild at Dancealot camp, Kiwiburn. photo by Alice Peperell