Where will your imagination take you?

For the 2022-23 New Year AUM festival event branding, our client requested “Circus, mystery, adventure, travel to far away worlds, imagination, masquerade, and of course, colour and light!”

We met the brief with a vibrant, bright and light, quirky and fun photo montage illustration full of irreverence and style, referencing elements from the movie, The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus, such as the large gilt mirror. Top right, we managed to get a stag in there as a nod to white deer which freely roam the festival site year round.

The rather wonderful typeface has a lot of flair and personality, inspired by the style and period of the movie, though with its own delightful quirks.

The lettering can be used standalone, incorporating a couple of elements from the poster design eg the toucan and butterfly. It can be used over a photo, and on any background colour where branding is required and there is limited space eg Instagram.