Jess Kugler, entrepreneur, needed an aspirational brand

She is a human dynamo, always reaching for the stars, and she wanted her energy expressed along with her professionalism. 

The brief said ‘modern’

Her initials forming one simple shape with a star for aspiration balancing perfectly on the J. The elegance and simplicity perfectly complement the handwritten font of the strapline which is lowercase to be open and friendly to create a visually strong logo. 

A deep and vibrant turquoise is paired with a deep purple, Jess’ favourite colours, making for a striking combo. 

Jess LOVES her logo! 

She says, “I absolutely loved the way Shelley went about designing this logo for me. Not just taking my colour preferences, but also my personality into account. I have been a huge fan of Shelley’s work way before I asked her to create something for me. I just love her style!”