On point with Cactus Consulting

by | Feb 19, 2020

Cactus Consulting helps business owners and managers to get the best value from their investment in business software.

With a methodical and process-driven approach to uncovering the reasons for software not delivering, and putting in place practical, achievable steps to deliver improved outcomes, the design solution needed to be effective and simple to reflect this process.


Sublime’s approach

The values associated with Cactus Consulting are professional, experienced, practical, friendly, reliable and trusted. Creating a brand in response to this, appealing to both men and women, required a logo which inspired confidence, was friendly, and conveyed professionalism. 

The solution

The circular shape, with cactus plant edging, represents the plant as well as unity. Inside the circle are lines creating the shape of another cactus plant, as well as being two people sitting opposite each other networking.

A deep dark green is paired with a bright grass green for a striking combo.


The new logo




Cacti are green. We were always going to use green. It would have been easy to use grey or black for the type, though we were inspired to keep it green. After a bit of trial and error to get the right tones with two greens which complemented each other and looked professional, the colours ended up bold, fresh and eye-catching.



The typefaces are bold, clean and modern, strong and friendly, and carefully spaced for balance and aesthetics. The ‘A’ comes to a point and is a bit spiky, like a cactus.



The simplicity of the design ensures the brand is adaptable across all media, web and print. We developed a spirograph-like super graphic for use on collateral, inspired by the shape created when looking down on a cactus. It adds great visual interest.


Business card front and back



Information sheet brochure front and back. Download PDF here.

What the client had to say:
“In October 2018, when I wanted to establish a brand for my new IT consulting business, Sublime Design came up with some great suggestions that really resonated with me. Within an incredibly short space of time I had a brand, website, marketing collateral, business cards and a PowerPoint presentation – all aligned perfectly with the vision Shelley suggested.”
– Mike Dennehy



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