Putting the FUNK in Funkowfield

CJ Funkowfield is a passionate music professional, discovering his love of electronic music in the 90s, and now a renowned fixture in New Zealand’s underground scene, captivating crowds across the country with his signature funky style.

For his own unique brand, simplicity is key to representing a DJ with such a long name to avoid it looking like a dog’s breakfast.

A capital ‘C’ and a ‘J’ meet as one at the top of each letter, then together with concentric circles, they form a record.

And the ‘J’ acts as the arm going over the record.

Using CJ’s favourite colour, orange, the logo was designed to be used both with and without the wording, perfect as a circle for profile photos, stickers and promotional items.

To keep up to date with his news and gigs, check out CJ’s facebook page here.