AUM festival held a small mid-winter event on its festival site in 2020 and 2021, bringing much joy during strange pandemic times.

In 2022, the musical direction changed to a highly talented Dub-based line up featuring some top New Zealand talent.

The word ‘Picnic’ evoked visions of nature, and ‘Dub’ a slightly grungy and free style. Layers of high-contrast images of forests and trees and distressed rectangular blocks of bold teals and greens form the base of the design, creating a textured feel, all sitting on a white background.

A bold asymmetric stencil typeface is used for ‘The Grand Dubbers Picnic’. Stacked on top of each other, the words and letters are purposely spaced, and have some transparency so the texture in the background comes through, linking the elements.

Perched on top is an iconic native bird, the tui. A fantastical and slightly psychedelic mushroom tucks into the space by ‘Picnic’ for visual balance and a burst of colour.

The line up is listed in a different style stencil font, in three different colours, with the date colour referencing the mushroom.

Although grungy in style, the bright colour palette is full of light and the shapes full of movement, creating an uplifting and fun poster.

The banner for Facebook shows how adaptable the elements are to a horizontal aspect, maintaining the brand as well as readability.

The Instagram tiles show how easily adaptable the design is.