Designing on a small budget doesn’t mean the client gets slap-up artwork! We had fun developing the look and feel for a boutique mini festival.

Here’s the process:

A photo of a boy wrangling a miniature horse at a fair (supplied by the client) evoked memories of the artistic style of old biscuit tins and chocolate boxes. Roses. A wreath surrounds the boy and horse, and filters add texture.

And a chance to be as irreverent as Lollapalooza posters, where there are no limits. The chunky block type is a fresh and minty teal green vibing with a bright pink. A wonderful visual contrast with the blues and purples of the background illustration.
Sitting underneath, a ribbon with lettering is a nod to the horse show and adds a festive feel. The golden khaki is unexpected, complementing the background and the lettering. Overall, the rich colour palette is warm and has depth. The other typeface is a modern nod to the wild west.


Top: Instagram tile
Bottom: Facebook header